Jan 012016

As we enter the new year remember that 2016 is about vibrating higher.  You don’t get to a higher vibration by being rigid.  You don’t get to a higher vibration by sacrificing your personal integrity.  Love is our weapon, music our wings, may the joy of the constant renewal provide you with a fresh perspective on your personal plight.  Do not fear the world, embrace it.  Love with all you’ve got because we do not know how many days shall grace this instance of our existence.  So many possibilities and each one could happen.  So live in the moment.  Give of yourself because you are a voice and each life you impact ripples.  Do not let your fear feed the demons.  Pain happens to everyone because light has a balance too.  The brighter you shine the more fuel you will require to keep the doubts at bay.  We choose how we fill up our soul, with laughter and joy and respect for fellow beings, or with bitterness, anger and fear?  I like to think we are participating in a musical revolution.  One that brings messages of truth and understanding to people ready to wake up from the old hierarchies.  Creation is the ultimate power.  Build something, sing something, write it down, paint it in bold symbols for future generations to enjoy.  We are all creators, we are all of the stars and we will all perish in these mortal shells in time.

happy New Years
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 January 1, 2016
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