Apr 142017

“Beware the Ides of March: An Idealistic Truth!”

Do you ever notice that our lives change cyclically? Our day seems to breathe as if living it’s own life. Energy does not just come from us, it comes from the ether all around us.  Those of us that listen to coincidence and connect with those that make us go hmmmm, are more tuned to the magnetic frequencies that rule the world. Listen to the obvious connections that the world is throwing at you because it could be the only chance you have to find your purpose in this time period. We are all looking for our team of super heroes to fight the bad guys with!

I speak to more and more people with everyday that passes, that know we are being poisoned, they understand that our slow trek to death is orchestrated by the elite shadow and that cancer is the early selection process for immune system decay. We are being prepared for a mass extinction event that come in 5 ways: Nuclear holocaust and the subsequent winter(less likely); Disease and viral outbreaks(Most Likely); Pharmaceutical suicide(happening); A rapid shift of the planet’s polarity(Timing Only); Toxins in the Air, Water and GMO Roundup ready fruit and vegetables(CANCER). This isn’t new, it has been going on for years, eliminate breeders and consumers all while collecting hordes of resources for a few to survive. It is happening and we haven’t been able to stop it because we write it off as implausible.  Those that thrive in the system say “well people can’t keep secrets so this can’t possibly be true right?”  Of course people can’t keep secrets, it’s why we all know about it!

The question is my friends: If we know it is happening, Is there a BETTER way to reduce populations and bring life back into balance with nature so the elite don’t feel forced to exterminate us all? I believe in the crazy whacked out conspiracies, just as I believe in the good nature and empathy of the individual human being. If infinity exists as mathematicians have proven then EVERY SINGLE theory is accurate and dimensions are infinite too. Every possibility could happen. However, it gets harder and harder to stand against the ocean’s tide in this space and time, if you are but one drop!

Forget the wedge issues when you go to your senators. Recall Education, healthcare, taxes, economic stimulation, reducing military spending, increasing good will, improving our drug policies, discouraging incentives and commissions for DR’s to knee jerk prescribe controlled opiates, SSRI and other MMAO drugs.   Encourage natural medicine and health insurance that covers eastern prevention as well as major medical.  So how can we, like so many non profits, rally around a common human desire to survive?  We must leave urban settings and build up the small family farm again and when we can’t we must create an urban farm where we can grow our own heirloom vegetables and fruit. We must teach our children that agriculture is the center of leading a healthy lifestyle. We must inform them of accurate nutritional requirements rather than encouraging them to eat more beef, bread and dairy than ANY person should consume in a day.

Remember your heart and your connection to all people as sacred.  Hatred is part of darkness and we all have it inside us, we all do, you must quell it when choosing to LOVE over all things!  These real issues are about protecting our families from mass extinction and we should be terrified of those that do not value human lives.  We must remember why we have a Bill of Rights, why we need to fight against the tyranny of powerful men and why, if we continue to fear the slap back, we will fail to see the walls go up around us until we wake up one morning and our world is on fire and we just wasted our one opportunity to make change.

We must provide the world Open DATA to change the world and build a better theory of how to save the planet without the mass genocide of 92% of the population per the Georgia Guide Stones.  Our media and screens detract from that connection to others, as does money and the desire to earn it.  One must possess a desire to genuinely give or all you are is a consumer.  I cannot honestly say you should ever vote any way but love and if you don’t see it run the other way. If you don’t find the best interest of your neighbors at heart then don’t participate in the party. If you see an overwhelming attention on money vs human life don’t vote for the candidate, it’s what they want us to do, FEAR each other, vote for security and more drones, more invasion of privacy, more, more, more.   I would love to see an app this year that allows you to vote, that allows you to give back and to participate daily in your government. It’s time to end the he said she said partisan legislation and bring America into a period where all voices are heard, not just those on the extreme fringes.

Expectations of politicians:

They all begin in an altruistic place, they want to help and they want to make a difference.

They all End in a discouraged and desperate attempt to make change.

It only takes a transition from local politics to national to see where the shift in ethics happens.

Money is the driving force behind politics.

Private contributions by everyone should be outlawed.

The life of service to others should be it’s own reward at the national minimum wage.

Each candidate should have equal funding from the presidential election fund and that is it.

Social media is so simple that if people believe in you they will follow you and it doesn’t cost anything.


 April 14, 2017
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