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My Viking Heritage

As I sit here formulating my first true message to the world I wonder how far back I have taken the name of this project.   Heritage seems incredibly important to me though in reality I was raised removed from, all of my cousins and extended kin.  I was born in Alaska, a clandestine viking burg as was my fathers hometown of Tacoma Washington.   My parents met when my mother, a San Diego Native, was whisked away to the arctic tundra when my Grandfather joined the Anchorage Fire Department in April 1969 and my father followed suit in 1975 after graduation.   Grandfather was a unique and wonderful man.  He was always there for me and my mother despite a lack of blood.  My mother may never know her real father but Ronald Burns was by far the best dad she could have ever asked for.  He spent 22 years as a firefighter between the Navy and municipal service and raised my mother as his own.  His Scottish honor and beauty contribute to my loving nature and bold acceptance of strangers.  My other grandparents also had a bold heritage one side rooted deeply on the continent and one side that passed through Ellis Island from Norway and Sweden.  Each gave me a light to carry with me and I call it LOVE.

I was born to the arctic, blending passion and curiosity into a child my parents loved so deeply.  But the days there drew to a close as my parents moved to warmer climates in Southern Colorado and away from the heritage I longed for.  It was a blessed upbringing for anyone.  Upon my grandfathers retirement from the fire department he bought a farm just off the Southern Ute Reservation, which is why we found ourselves there.  Chickens, horses, long country roads, riding for miles at 7 years old, catching snakes, climbing trees without a care in the world, these were my days until I was nine.  Then I was blessed with more beauty in Durango, CO.  Again walking miles to school, riding bikes across town, babysitting the neighborhood kids, and getting my first playground kiss, Awana’s and piano recitals, Odessy of the Mind and then…Off to Colorado Springs for High School.  I have lived in some of the most beautiful parts of this great state and I love every inch of it.   I recall my Native Alaska with a distant fondness much like the terrain of the remotest pieces of Colorado, and like Robert Service, I long to return to the Yukon once more. As long as we have protected national parks I will gladly conquer the 14ers here.  I hope to find the wherewithal to buy a piece of acreage up there someday though.

So I come from the mountains and the ocean, like the mystery of fjords of my old country my ancestors brought with them a passion for exploring.  My blood desires roots and constant travel, a conundrum, but unlike my ancestors I choose music and love instead of sword and shield to communicate my desires to strangers.  I believe in justice more than anything else, not someones opinions of right and wrong, but justice for harm to others, not ones sensibilities.  Oh, have I been wronged in my lifetime.  This world is not, for the weak at heart and instead breeds many that would take rather than give, push rather than pull and wage war rather than forgive.  I am not among them.  My heart was built on Christian principles which quickly showed me that judgement was something everyone participated in equally.  We were told that loving others was the right thing to do and when they harm you turn the other cheek.  I became a splendid victim until people got to the second betrayal then my viking warrior of justice likes to rear its ugly head. I have my own vision of “GOD” however, I use the term because it is the easiest term for everyone to understand the energy we frantically try to describe throughout all of our spiritual experiences.  I believe as we all do in a loving and powerful energy that flows effortlessly within us.  Some call it God or Allah while others call it intuition, divine vision.  In all beliefs there is duality as there is within me.  The power to be light and the power to be dark.  Love or Fear…Every single choice is based on one or the other.

I choose love!  I choose the principles of light and leave my darkness to be examined in the silent spaces with the one I love and trust explicitly, my husband.  Only he can see each part of me and truly love me unconditionally.  Intimacy can also be given platonically.  To understand we are all human and that our love for each other should have no exceptions or loopholes, no judgement and a genuine support for each others greatness, that is our humanity. When we all can do that for each other is when we have ascended to the next level.  It could be premature to tell the world I am an Idealist, yet I would wager everyone figured that out already.  I believe that we can create a world in which people are not impoverished, not dying for preventable reasons, and where each human may truly explore and discover their talents and how they can thrive on this planet and contribute to their passions. IDEALIST… The struggle is half the journey however and I understand completely the necessary heartache that must naturally lead us to acceptance and compassion for anothers plight.

My life has thus far been fairly blessed with lessons, insights, family, children, beauty, talent, intelligence, love, friendship and integrity.  It has also been riddled with pain, betrayal, loss, fear, depression, rage, death, poverty and guilt.  I have walked in each spectrum at each tone scale and I have come out on the other side a wiser person for it.  The faces of my past are what I plan to uncover for everyone in this first album.  We will take a journey into my life through the intricate dance of music and the fiery passion of a viking warrior.  I hope that the heart can feel for itself how my life has molded me into this complicated and passionate creature of emotion and light. Join me this next year as we learn we are never to old to express ourselves in our genuine form and truly embrace where we come from in our efforts to be whole.

 December 23, 2014
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